Cloud Computing – A Bright “Cloudy” Future

September 22, 2010

Today, almost everyone in IT and other business areas are talking about Cloud Computing.  Cloud Computing appears to be the next “big” thing to happen to IT, the Internet and the World Wide Web.

But what is Cloud Computing?  What will it do for us? What benefits will we get from it? And what will we need to know to successful work in a “Cloud Computing” environment?

My purpose in writing on this topic is to try to answer some of these questions.  I plan to use this blog as a framework to develop a series of courses on Cloud Computing.  The goal is use these courses to train the many architects, mangers, developers, and users who will need to rapidly learn about Cloud Computing as it grows.

The name Cloud Computing was taken from the use of a picture of a “Cloud” to simplify how computers in a network were linked together, as shown below:

Cloud Computing is a large area that contains many topics.  This will be the first post of a number of posts.  The next post will provide a definition of Cloud Computing.

Many sources predict that Cloud Computing will grow rapidly and change the way we use computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web.

If these sources are correct, Cloud Computing will enable us to us to solve problems that have been difficult or impossible to solve up till now.  If Cloud Computing grows as expected, it will provide a bright but “cloudy” future with numerous new jobs for those individuals currently working in IT and those individuals that desire to a career in IT.